NNPO TC23S-LRF Thermal Scope

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Thermal rifle scope
12um thermal sensor 384×288 / 640×512
Lens: 35mm
High shock resistance
Long detection range
High grade waterpoof
Video Recording

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Laser rangefinder version – Comes with intergrated ballistic calculator.

The successor to the NNPO TC23 models, now with wifi and recording and app connectivity 
Same as the predecessor, the TC23S models are made from one 30mm solid tube, all to prevent the rear part of the body from coming out of position if the threads are exposed to stress.

The TC23S has 10 different savable profiles to save zero for different rifles and/or ammunition

To turn the scope on or off, there is an on/off button that sits approx. 10mm in front of the rear function buttons, this is so that you don’t turn off the device by mistake if you want to change magnification or colours

The remaining function buttons at the back are used to change magnification, colours, recording, and to enter the menu.

The TC23S has the following colour paletttes:
– Black Hot
– White Hot
– Red Hot
– Green Hot
– Iron Red
– Fusion

The TC23S comes in either a 35mm lens or a 45mm lens and a base magnification of either 3.34 or 4.3x and a digital zoom of 2x -8x. The magnification is easily changed through the buttons at the rear of the scope

The sight is also equipped with Hot Spot Tracking, which means that the display in the sight shows where is the hottest in the area you are observing, this function can be activated or deactivated
You can also activate Picture In Picture (PIP) and then get a box at the top in the center of the display showing a magnification of the center of the reticle.

The NNPO TC23S models are powered by a 18650 battery that sits crosswise in the middle of the scope’s body. 
Two 18650 batteries are included along with a charger that displays information about the batteries while they are being charged.
On the charger, you can view volts, mAh, and what kind of battery it is.


Model TC23S-LRF
Lens Sizes 35mm, 45mm
Thermal sensor Vox 384 x 288 or 640 x 512
Overall magnification 384 x 288 Sensor
35mm(3.34~26.75×), 45mm(4.3~34.4×)
640 x 512 Sensor
35mm(1.96~15.68×), 45mm(2.52~20.16×)
NETD ≤25 mk
Pixel size 12μm
Frame rate 50 Hz
Display resolution 1024 x 768 OLED
Digital zoom 2×, 4×, 8×
Field of View (HxW) 384 x 288 Sensor
35mm(7.5°×5.7°), 45mm(5.3°×4°)
640 x 512 Sensor
35mm(12.5°×10°), 45mm(9.8°×7.8°)
Detection Distance Deer(1.8×0.9m) 2000m (35mm), 2300m (45mm)
Recognition Distance Deer(1.8×0.9m) 1000m (35mm), 1100m (45mm)
Detection Distance Vehicle(2.3×2.3m) 3000m (35mm), 3700m (45mm)
Recognition Distance Vehicle(2.3×2.3m) 1500m (35mm), 1700m (45mm)
Eye Relief 48mm
Diopter (Range) ±5
Compensation method Shutter Calibration, scene Calibration, automatic Calibration
Reticle 8 styles, 5 colors
Palette White hot, Black hot, Red hot, Green hot, Iron red, Fusion
Battery Single 18650 – Replaceable
Rangefinder Yes
WIFI Connect with phone app
E-compass Yes
3D Gyroscope Yes
Hot tracks Yes
Capture snapshot Yes
Video recorder Yes(with sound)
Laser ranging Yes – 1000m
Video output CVBS
Operation time >5hours
External TYPE-C interface
Housing Aviation aluminum alloy
Dimension (mm) 410x86x81
Weight 35mm(850g), 45mm(890g)
Protection Level IP67
Working temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃

Additional information

Lens Size

35mm, 45mm


384×288, 640×512


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