NNPO RD23S-LRF Thermal Monocular

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Handheld Thermal
Monocular 12um
Thermal sensor
Lens options:19mm/25mm/35mm
Long detection range
Video recording

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Rangefinder Version

An small ergonomic thermal monocular from NNPO

RD23 series all have Wi-Fi with recording 

As for the RD23S it has a 384×288 sensor with 12μm and a NETD value of ≤25mk and an OLED display of 1024*768

The RD23S has the following 6 colour palettes:
Black Hot
– White Hot
– Red Hot
– Green Hot
– Iron Red
– Fusion

The RD23S comes with 3 calibration options – Shutter callibration, scene calibation and automatic calibration.

The RD23S is powered by only external 18650 battery, which you can easily replace if it runs out during the hunt and insert a new one.

Two 18650 batteries are included with the monocular as well as a battery charger that displays information about the batteries.

On the charger, you can view volts, mAh, and what kind of battery it is.


Model RD23S-LRF
Lens 19mm, 25mm, 35mm
Thermal sensor Vox 384 x 288 or 640 x 512
Overall magnification 384 x 288 Sensor
19mm(2.39~19.11×), 25mm(3.34~26.75×), 35mm(4.78~38.22×)
640 x 512 Sensor
19mm(1.4~11.19×), 25mm(1.96~15.67×), 35mm(2.8~22.38×)
NETD ≤25 mk
Pixel size 12μm
Frame rate 50 Hz
Display resolution 1024 x 768 OLED
Digital zoom 2×, 4×, 8×
Field of View (HxW) 384 x 288 Sensor
19mm(13.8°×10.4°), 25mm(10.5°×7.9°), 35mm(7.5°×5.7°)
640 x 512 Sensor
19mm(22.9°×18.4°), 25mm(17.5°×14°), 35mm(12.5°×10°)
Detection Distance Deer(1.8×0.9m) 1100m (19mm), 1300m (25mm), 2000m (35mm)
Recognition Distance Deer(1.8×0.9m) 550m (19mm), 650m (25mm), 1000m (35mm)
Detection Distance Vehicle(2.3×2.3m) 1900m (19mm), 2500m (25mm), 3000m (35mm)
Recognition Distance Vehicle(2.3×2.3m) 800m (19mm), 1000m (25mm), 1500m (35mm)
Dioptre adjustment, dept ±5
Calibration Shutter, Scene, Automatic Calibration
Image Palettes White Hot / Black Hot / Red hot / Iron red / Fusion
Battery Single 18650 – Replaceable
Rangefinder Yes
External power supply TYPE-C interface
Rangefinder Yes – 1000m
Electronic compass Yes
Accelerometer Yes
Hot spot tracking Yes
Photograph Yes
Video Yes
Video output Composite video output
Size (L × W × H), mm 209.6mm x 77.6mm
Weight (Without battery), g 360
Protection rate IP67
Housing Materials Aluminum alloy
Operating Temperature -20℃ – 60℃

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384×288, 640×512

Lens Size

19mm, 25mm, 35mm


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